Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Since my first post, I’ve been too busy finishing unfinished business to post what would be gratuitous updates. Finally, I have something to post, even though it lacks the purity of posting for the sake of posting.


My website, in need of updating since 2005, has finally received it. With the creative and technical assistance of my stepson, Jonathan Duboff, I’ve added visual poetry, fiction, multimedia pieces, several books of poetry that almost qualify as “lost works,” samples of my jazz poetry that probably do qualify, a PDF of IMPROVISATIONS, all 697 pages of it, and a number of other features.

Go to and see what’s new.


I’ve also released RANDOM AXIS, a 66 page longpoem that fuses textual and visual elements. I hand-published a limited edition of 66 copies and collated each copy so that no two books have the same page sequence. Its fastener binding allows readers to rearrange the text if they choose to do so. Originally, Vugg Books was going to publish it as an ebook with an algorithm that would rearrange the page sequence each time a reader opened the site. The size of the file prevented uploading the poem in its aleatoric online arrangement, making the “samizdat” approach necessary to bring out the work in a way that destabilizes the text. For those who’d like to sample the first ten pages of the work as originally planned, go to or to the web site’s Visual Poetry page.


Some readers may have seen GLYPH PARTY on Youtube. The project has been on hold for some time because I needed to learn how to use the software necessary to complete it. Multimedia work has interested me for many years. The web site has several pieces that combine text, image and music. GLYPH PARTY is the first work I’ve done that combines animation with music. You can view it at:

Enjoy the work!