Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Days You Just Have To Say Fuck It

Visions of Magic Unfilled

anterior vagaries 
amniotic centrifuge the play
of crystal dynamos 

flaring vague against a smoking sky

intrusions melt their rhythmic
delays parcel infusion cradle
placenta dreaming after birth

cadenzas deploy the radial surges

auguries of posterior replay
innocence or ramps of lamb 
seat dinner songs and rests

delay slow breath
when flayed canticle keepers
display a grimmer animus

toward incursions left to spell too long

Talking Big Till Conclusion

craven epistemology bluster
dilettantes encourage sapling 
flow unheeded where torrents 
flay costly misjudged ramble flats
when gender contests quorum
a seated filler judge whose tacit
infusion bleeds welter sonata cling
to factoid gamblers at the wheel
spinning red to black and back
elliptical soda panthers loosen 
braided runner epithets finishing
rupture to luster its vanishing pit
idylls where pimentos vasectomy
the gene-splicing nutrient power 
beans pithed in helmet bowels
of the girth assembled roaring
pits across the pendulum ferry
no poem indicted in its fiction
ebbing watered crescent limbs
where being meets its non- 
in hyphenated cluster matches
lusting for a longer line in time
whatever show they can muster
however slowly lumber crusts
the membrane saturated after
the taciturn assembly crossed
raving frontier lime panthers 
complicit loans on liminal time
frame assembled brackets charge
dermal limbo packets the node
for lymph infringement seeding
optical influenza viewed apertures
moving above coded perimeters
rounded by beer guard aprons
in force or out of furlough pay
where kitchen help disquiets
the catatonic element gonads 
stationed aficionado plucking
impinges on empires to display 
their vintage dissuasion plan 
a play last gathered left to sit
on a plane in a delay terminal
braving elemental discord footage
where applicable raving greets
the savage weather mongers 
heeled to taste vestigial greeting
as a thirst-mark venture left
unsaid after the muted outcome

Old Futures Inching to History

catheter hipsters ignite
a pain saga long dormant
upends the skittering

amontillado fillers 
tumble through the night 

the skillet blazers 
outwitting their distilled legends

while wary cursors blink process
mendicant pistoleros

fight for a hardcore lambada
tenuous fortune mannequins
stricken as the limbo brigade

glowing so low 
they stumble despite the flare 

of flaming music
whose blinding blare quickens

the pace creeping toward the mandala

Wintering Discontent

neon diphthong plasma templar
formal cats below the surfeit
feral entrails notwithstanding
lissome girder reflux passage 
rendered sterile output settlers 
reprimand enabling dilettantes 
to discover fuselage counters 
at subnormal rumination levels 
implosion bricks at the surface 
engine declensions lost track 
searching for precision nouns
verbing the action thrillers past 
a nonchalant detection wiper 
patterning the nattering chorus
carpal subtonal diffusion clings
to brooding ties as a bar strategy 
blinking cocktails moon decay 
flattens prospectors sorting pyrite
left to gravel pans a gavel’s heft
normal though proclaiming clarity 
doldrums shelled beyond horizon 
the plural intentions of steamboat 
philosophies delay the motorcade’s 
long panegyric wrenching modality 
conflicts nodal aperture wagons 
moving all the alabaster patrons 
past their due time spent scuttling 
prey to python intermission dens 
pitted against new modular scales
while forking tongues greet scams
the travel hefts the menu in delay 
to fronton circuits lobed enough 
to mind the stored matter’s energy 
from one refreshed cliche another
renewal less deadened with green 
clatter horns envy yowling breakage 
bumps grumbling through the night
a horror to scents around leaflets
burgeoning scaffold patterns at sea
calypso veritas windings portrayed
throughout the garbanzo vernacular
no global warning of the slither word
coming through the coping portal
adamantine strictures running slope
embargoes where the weary hatchet 
fled the cargo fleet stumbling numbly
cultivates ellipsis gardens for frosting
ardent legends seek urban homes
to hold neatly-fashioned splashes
the core warren where tables multiply 
heliocentric renditions of deficit dinners 
octagonal root suppliers ratify hutches
floating packets wine gap wrapping
concealed hunches from the vesicle 
parting the wall crunches to bevel
crossed haunches launching a stir
among the stenches of jostled fabric
stirring residual declamation scars
dominion-ready apertures disregard
cuspidor removal tantrums growing
sapient ventilation rockers unpacked
belongings under water removal hoses
racked for any fuselage interpretation
mustered under piquant uplift shears
refractory lighting no custard matter
flustered right where the eminent pall
cast off thousands formerly regarded
as dispensation for adders puffing 
moccasin tablets to spoon addicts
dripping leather-veined catacombs
brachiating a  fractured melody loom
spinning cartilage mimicry casings
wherever stolen luminaries hide gold