Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Waking in the New Year

Survival Transformation

pendulum targets pragmatic dancers
swollen fleeting down the lifeboat floor
a crux of water / walking on wood  
where piety boats follow the blind
rafter diffusion essential theorists

walking corollaries 
leather-faced, dead-eyed

parallels in consequence
reach a withered crescendo marker
buoyed sequence to reef


infusions needed lay no claim 
to finite darkening / their talk

breeds encapsulation shutters
chancing dogmatic interludes 
caterpillar etymology transition


morphology tactile as presence

in form or manner of discontent

Increase in Direction

rudder placebo tactics inure
federated tax rations from 
pillbox allure stations passing
travesty bandages bellied
past leaking feats of renown
a vantage known past giving
leaky memoir facades intruded
on welling masses encasing
voluptuary lace and massage
embracing furtive sex bandits
in transaction predilection pits
shifting gears to transition tides
mud rising to practical heights
where radium artists dream
peptide auguries in rebellion
the nodal fury seams ripping 
sure passions decreed impure
where practice barns evade
rapture sessions turning rare
under every pelota template 
inflecting caterpillar paper
mushroom fandango suites
play appellant apertures fixed
in garnish cream slathering
fluid emotion tentacles prey
summer ensures blood dreams
no amnesty packets allowed
domestic infusion bracketing
sure as practiced a cappella 
wipers hood their ornaments
before living applause clasps
future swallows before breath
takes a year to harrow its toll
exchanges relay cold affection
toned the penalty box fiasco
more to the rolling grasp oiled
beyond mention or standard
deviation eunuchs assemble
pantry lies that slowly inhabit
parchment reciprocity guidelines
implementing rabbit precursors
under stadium frontage laws
passed in rearview mirrors fit
to stage an ampersand colony
accord gauged treaty removal
supplemental labors rescinding
the hold on where the profits sit 
much nearer than the rearview
offers for its unpaid hindsight
relived as memory vacations
narrowed to a blink and wallow
rankling crossroads motor events
where baking canon fodder meets 
a slow delirium mix banking on
a shore curve resembling hidden
angles to simulate belfry chatter
timing the clinical mix to fixation
rides aching in the saddled more

True Class

Epidermal factotum cluster
goitered rumors bared below
the gusto meter. Clairvoyant
as a vacant shredder climb,
the mustered stealth depicts
canceled aficionado cults.
Embossed subtonal rapture
sheds hidden currents to
mirrored dicta. Matters fed
to the misconstrued grew
abstract from data removal
at the outlet. Gaunt crossings
rout the decay with tactful humor
shared as wealth. A message
relayed the act, approval shattered
the retrospective somnolence,
moving the total muster to
latent centipede clatter.
Slowing the act of gathering
breeds the needed hovel insignia
who dare a shared display
of absence while the shadows
cleave to labors of the caste.

Moebian Rerun

to the hydrant 
where the tickle corps assembles 
its cleavage, 
even there blood tanks have meaning: 

an indelicate casserole
rushed, ahead of caloric double takes
for the graffiti pit induction

heirloom dividend porch vents.
Castrati instamatic,
roomed with isolate vocation, stammers

a camera. Enamored
of its polyflux intake, stratagem’s
at an influx date’s repellent humor

acts charming as
flying a cursive meat bandit
multiplied by accessory tangents.

Freely modeled
scanner panels flashing darkly
pass returns
as if they were slowly going

Depth Surface

cranberry mystic placebo infusion
metropolitan transfer umbrage 
thickets patrol matador infusion tanks 
partial avenue casters litigating
subtle membranes adage nostalgic
felicitations and fare well despite
inversion tactics breeding reversals
as Tantric onslaughts ticketing lumber
managers at adornment diffusion 
seeding next breed of errant seminars 
at fox seating aquarium hostels
where attrition folds need with 
confusion to confiscate greed 
for admonitory proverbs linked to
selfish gerunding untimely slights 
of matter or presence as sentiment
or precedent allowable under 
incidental scrutiny insights lacquers 
gained from veneering greater depths 

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